Client Portal Add Payment Option Requiring Zipcode?


I’m using Stripe for credit card payment processing and have it configured to NOT require Zip/Postal code for credit cards. When a customer goes into their Client Portal page to enter a Payment Method, when you start entering the credit card information… the ZIP code field shows up (even though it wasn’t visible when starting).

But when a customer uses the “Pay Now” button on an existing, outstanding invoice… it does NOT require the ZIP/Postal code.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Any ideas?



Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben

I think for Stripe, they force the postal code to improve the chances of the payment going through successfully.

Hi @david - I’d agree with you, if it was consistent. But in one interface, it’s forcing the postal code, in another you don’t need it. So that’s what’s confusing.

If there’s an outstanding invoice and you use the “Pay Now” and choose a credit card, you don’t have to enter the postal code (which would seem to make sense since I have that requirement turned off in my settings).

But if you go to “Payment Methods” and add a new card, it seems to be forcing the Postal code.



Thanks we’ll add it to our backlog to investigate.

consistency is key!

Thanks once again for reporting this, however, I am unable to reproduce this behavior.

I unchecked the postal code option in Stripe settings (admin panel) and it doesn’t show input for postcode when paying with a credit card.

What version of Invoice Ninja are you running?

Hi @ben - I’m running Version 5.0.62 (62) (local Mac app to access the hosted version).

If you’re entering a payment for an outstanding invoice, that’s true, it doesn’t show the postal code there if you have it turned off on the online payment configuration.

But if you go to the Client Dashboard and go to the “Payment Methods” section, and enter a new credit card in (i.e. for a future payment), the postal code will show up for my while I’m entering the credit card information.