Client numbers on invoices - why?

I use InvoiceNinja because I have a micro-business and I didn’t need any of the paid features. Love it! I have just migrated from v4 to v5 and everything is fine except for clients now being allocated numbers, which appear under their names on invoices. I have three clients! I’ve worked in bookkeeping for years and this numbering makes no sense unless you’re a massive business, and even then they would be labelled “client number”. I know I can pay for the privilege of removing this from the invoice, but I’m confused about why it was added in the first place. I’m working around it by changing the client numbers to phone numbers, but does anyone know a way to remove them using the free version?

Many thanks!


If you can please send an email to we can set your account to a free trial so you can make the changes.

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Hi hillel

Thanks for your help. Will the changes outlast the trial period?

I believe so, @david can you please confirm

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The settings just freeze so no changes can be made after the trial ends.

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