Client Login Password Issues - Quotes and Invoices

In the previous version, we would set a password for each client. The client would use their email address and the assigned password (or if you didn’t assign a password, the first generated invoice would assign a password to the account). This way the client would have one password to remember each time they log in.

But with the latest version, it looks like the Password field has been removed from the Clients are (unless you enable Password Protect Invoices in Settings and assign it a password). In the Settings are, we can enable the Password Protect Invoices, which (if you don’t assign it a password) gives the client a new password each time a quote or invoice is generated.

If you go to the client profile, you can see the Password field there and assign it a password, but it doesn’t appear to work because the client can view the invoice without needing to provide the password.

If you don’t assign the client a password, the system will generate a new password each time a Quote/Invoice is created. So, it appears that if you create a Quote/Invoice (#1), it will send the email with a password. Then you create another Quote/Invoice (#2), it will send out a new password.

If the client goes to Quote/Invoice #1, the password doesn’t work, you HAVE to use the password from the latest Quote/Invoice and it will load up the latest Quote/Invoice. The only way to get to the other invoices is by clicking Quotes or Invoices in the menu.

This seems very strange set up.

That sounds like a bug, can you replicate it with our latest version?

I used to install the “latest” version of IN. Any idea when they will be getting the latest 4.1.0 version?

I’d guess in about a week.

Can you provide instructions on how to do a manual upgrade?
Is there a way that we can set IN to do a one-click upgrade? (not an automatic upgrade).

Side question - Anyway to add a feature that will create a backup of the entire invoicing system and upload it to an external FTP server, dropbox, etc?

I think this change should fix the contact password issue:

Sorry I’m not sure what you’re asking me to modify. Here is the code in place right now.

protected $hidden = [

What it looks like you’re asking for is to add a “-” before ‘password’,
Is this correct?

You need to remove the 'password', line

I’ve removed the line, now it allows me to enter the email address. The address exists in the system but when I try to recover the password it replies “We can’t find a user with that e-mail address.”

Are you using /login or /client/login

Thank you for pointing that out. I was looking at the wrong URL. But now when I look at the correct URL, I am still getting the error:

“Your session has expired.
Your session has expired. Please click the link in your email again.”

That should be fixed in our next release.