Client login not working

I am using version 4.5.38 and have been trying to set up client logins to access their invoices. this works fine if they follow the link from their invoice emails. the issue I have found is that trying to login to the client portal page using the clients email address and password results in an authentication error saying that the credentials are incorrect.

I have checked git but there are no issues reporting this so I think it’s more likely that its a problem specific to my install.

Where should I be looking to fix this so that clients can login correctly


Are you trying to login in using the ‘View in portal’ link from the client overview page?

no, logging in via that link work fine, as it includes the client identifier in the url.

the issue is that when I visit https://url/client/login the correct login details are not recognized as valid.

It may help to use the link shown at the bottom of Settings > Client Portal which include ?account_key=…

It’s all right, you can close this. For some reason there were two copies of the client and contact in the database. I have removed the unused copy and now the login works as expected.

On a side note, i’ve just noticed that there are 2 copies of all my clients and contacts in the database. I think that this may be what is causing the problem. Is it safe to delete the duplicates?

You can purge the duplicate clients using the web app but it would be one at a time

They don’t appear in the app, only in the database. I have deleted them from there and logins are now working as expected.