Client Location Map Wrong City

There appears to be a bug with the map view on the View Client page. One of my clients, in another city, has an address that is also valid in my base city. If the Suite number is filled in on the client’s address, the map displays my city instead of my client’s city. E.g.

Client address:
123 Main St
Other City NY 11234

Map displays:
123 Main St
My City OR 97098

This happens if the Apt/Suite field is filled in on the client’s address OR if the suite number is added to the end of the Street field. If no suite number is entered anywhere, the map displays correctly.

This appears to be a bug but I’d like to know if there is a fix other than deleting the suite field.

It looks like a bug, sorry I don’t have a fix.

Feel free to create an issue on our repo: