Client invoice links

I just migrated from v4 to v5 and everything seems to have migrated correctly.
I have a few issues though, should previous client invoice links automatically work with v5? Because when I click on an invoice link from an email that was previously sent to a client, I get a 404 not found error.

I have entered url in V4 ( Forward customers to V5) to forward clients to V5.
Should I enter a domain in client portal section in V5 or leave it blank?

Edit: Im also having issues sending emails from V5. I have checked all the troubleshooting docs and added crons. The sample .env file shows only mail from address and name to have ’ ’ but troubleshooting shows both of them and username and password to have " ". Which one is it?

This is my current env settings for emails;



@david any thoughts on the forwarding?

You would need all fields filled in, have you seen the info here:

I seem to have resolved the email issue but now getting an error when trying to send an invoice; 500: There was an error generating the PDF with Phantom JS
Just an hour ago it was generating PDF’s with no issue but since editing the template colours it is giving this error.


Could you have used your daily 100 limit with PhantomJS? do you have a dedicated Phantom API key?

Possibly, I just read up on that and changed it to Ninja pdf which has it solved now.

On another issue, on V4 I had my bank details on invoice terms broken down into separate lines for account name, account number and BSB number but now it wraps them into two lines. Is there a way to show these details on different lines in V5?


we are working on the carriage return issue. You can use html to create line breaks, i believe one or two


tags should give you what you need.

Already tried adding
to the terms but it did nothing.
How come there isn’t a dedicated bank details section in the templates for invoices?
I thought it would have been a common request by now.


should definitely work (on a new line)

most people just use the invoice terms to place their bank details, it serves a similar purpose.

Thanks, for some reason the
started working when it didn’t when I first tried.
I think it was due to an old invoice being stuck with an old template and not updating with changes made after the invoice is issued right?

Another issue; when I create a new client and leave the password field empty, it generates a password but doesnt send the password with the email. So there is no knowing what the password is.
Previously I use to make the password the clients mobile number, but now that doesnt work as it wont let the password start with 0. I found that a mobile number was the easiest way for a client to remember their password.
Also in the settings, it says if I dont set a password the client can set it themselves, but when I follow the link it just gives an email and password field, no option to create a password.

HI. I migrated my old version 4.5 to the lastest V5 I kept the same subdomain for my new V5 and I had some issues with my URL but I figured out chancguin a value on my DB. Regarding redirecting old mail URL I just add a couple of lines to my .htaccess on /public

Redirect OLD v4 URL

RedirectMatch 301 ^/view/(.*)$ https://MYDOMAIN/client/invoice/$1
RedirectMatch 301 ^/payment/(.*)$ https://MYDOMAIN/client/payments

Hopefully this help someone out there.