Client dropdown

When I try to pull up my client list on any page to select a client, the screen goes gray with no options or text. I can back out of that and access anything else, but the client dropdown does not function. Because of this, I can’t make quotes and I can’t make new projects in the app.

Thank you for your time


Sorry for the trouble!

Can you please load the app using this link and then check for any errors in the browser console.

Note: as a workaround you may be able to create the record from the client overview page to have the client pre-selected.

I tried the browser link, the screen was still grayed out when I tried to use the client dropdown.

Thank you

Please check for any errors in the browser console using that link

I’m not sure how to check for errors in the browser console

Thank you

We’ve tracked down the problem and deployed new versions of the mobile app.