Client_counter migration

I’ve played with this a bit and it seems that none of the client counter data is migrated to v5
There is also no way to edit the number counter like there was in v4 via the UI.
Do I have to manually correct the counter for every single client via the database?


You can edit the client specific counter by choosing the settings option in the client actions dropdown.

@david any other ideas?

Just wanted to touch back on this, I really would like to switch to v5. It seems that the only way to migrate the client counter data is to manually enter the number for each client. Also it’s not clear what the relationship is between the new and old variable names used in v4.
On v4 I used " {$date:y}-{$clientIdNumber}-{$clientCounter} "
What would that be in v5?
Maybe I’m missing something is there a better way?

@david any thoughts on migrating the counter?

In v5 I believe it would be {$date:y}-{$client_id_number}-{$client_counter}

There is also something called {$client_number} what is that?

In v4 only some records have number (ie, invoice and quotes), in v5 all primary records are assigned numbers.

Still not sure what the functional difference is also it seems the number migration from v4 to v5 is {$clientIdNumber} → {$client_number}

In v4 there was an optional setting to use the client id_number field as an auto-incrementing field.

@david do you know if we take this into account in the mapping when migrating? I think it would be best if client.id_number in v4 mapped to client.id_number in v5 if the client number is disabled and client.number if the feature was enabled.

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So client counters are still not included in migration to v5… is this ever going to happen?