Client cant view invoice

just get the spinning icon when trying to view invoice as a client


Does this problem affect all invoices in the system or just the client portal for this specific client?

Also, which PDF generator are you using?

hi, thanks for reply, it only seems to be in client portal seems to be for all clients, statement can be viewed fine, sorry don’t know how to find pdf generator, is this at server level?

The PDF generator is set in the .env file.

Are there any errors in the browser console or in storage/logs?

thanks for the reply,
error_log is clear,
storage/logs are clear also

Are there any errors in the browser console?

sorry, yes these;
Loading failed for the with source “https://xxx/vendor/livewire/livewire.js?id=90730a3b0e7144480175”. wMvbmOeYAl:663:129
ReferenceError: Livewire is not defined
and another arror livewire silent=true:104
wont let me post full message

Thanks, I think it may be the same as this issue. I believe it’s from installing the app into a subfolder.

is it possible to move the installation to a subdomain ?

It should be possible but I don’t have the steps to provide.

have done a clean install on a subdomain and problem has gone away, invoice now loads.
do you think if i do an sql dump of my old databse and import into the new one is it likely to break?
thanks for all your help

That should work. Note: you’d want to replace your new database with the old one, rather than import into the new database.