Client Area Access Link HTML Code Activation Question

Hello everyone, one favor somebody know where I should to paste this code?
iframe id=“invoiceIFrame” width=“100%” height=“1200” style=“max-width:1000px”></iframe
script language=“javascript”
var iframe = document.getElementById(‘invoiceIFrame’);
var search = + ‘//’;
var silent = search.indexOf(‘silent’) > 0;
var parts = search.replace(’?silent=true’, ‘’).split(’/’);
iframe.src = ‘’ + parts[1] + ‘/’ + parts[0].substring(1, 33) + ‘/’ + parts[2] + (silent ? ‘?silent=true’ : ‘’);

Thank your for your help

If you want to use the iFrame feature you’d need to setup a page on your own site for this code

I appreciate your time for help me to resolve my questions, If I dont want to use iframe what I should to do? In order to activate to my customers get access to their client portal, Im trying to do that but if I am trying to get access as a client redirect to my home page?

can you help me please


If the client portal isn’t working I suggest clearing the website/iframe value and checking that APP_URL is correct in the .env file

Sir can you gime more directions how can i do that?

I dont find the *.env file on my root folder

Some filesystems hide files starting with a dot, you may want to ask your webhost for help locating the file

You can also change the APP_URL on Settings > System Settings but I find manually editing the file to be more reliable

Thank you for everything I have fixed now every point, I appreciate your help.

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