Client address formatting is wrong


The address format for clients is incorrect where the zip code is listed before the state. As seen in the screenshot below, it says 54115 WI instead of WI 54115.

Correct US address formatting should be:

House Number/address, Unit number, City, State, Zip Code.

Thank you!

Invoice Ninja 5.7.45


@david @ben can you please advise?


Fix checked in for the next release.

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Hi David. I’m still seeing the wrong formatting in 5.7.46. I just realized the error is in the react web app. Flutter shows the correct formatting.


This is a release pipeline issue.

When we tag a release, we pull in the most current React release.

The current React release does not have the change as yet, but we’ll be tagging it tomorrow (Sunday) so i’ll retag again and you’ll see the change there.

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I can confirm that 5.7.47 fixes this issue. Thank you David & Hillel!