Choosing which contact is shown on Invoices?

Just wondering how you can select the contact which is shown on invoice?

I have a company with several contacts and I tick them all when making an invoice so that they all recieve it, however I want to select a specific contact to be displayed on the invoice.


@david any thoughts on this?

I believe each contact will receive an invoice with their contact details.

This is not the case. Each contact receives the same invoice and at the time of PDF generation, the contact person is chosen.

In order to choose the contact that you want to appear on the invoice/PDF, you have to tick that contact FIRST before ticking the other contacts that you want to receive the invoice as well. If you tick the wrong contact in the first instance, the PDF will be generated with that contact and if you want to change who appears on the invoice, you need to untick every contact and then tick the contact you want on the invoice first. A little tedious. It would be good if there was some way to directly specify who appears on the invoice.

However, this doesn’t seem to work if I’ve already saved and emailed the invoice. I’m trying to change an invoice to a different contact person and no matter what I try…the same contact is being put on the PDF.


I will send you a private message with a video showing the issue. It’s got sensitive information so I don’t wish to publish it on a public forum.


In our case I have set up a custom value for contacts. It is a dropdown and contains the following values:

  • Owner/CEO
  • Billing dep.
  • Other

Depending on the size of the company, we often get our orders from a person that is not the CEO or owner of the company and in some cases, invoices should go to a special email address that belongs to the billing/financial/bookkeeping department.

We create our invoices via the REST API but it would be the same when we would do it in the app.

The contact from type Owner/CEO is the contact that appears on the invoice.

The contact from type Billing dep. is the one that receives the email.

Contacts from type Other are usually the persons we speak to during our regular work.

This could be refined a little since we now only send the invoice per email to a contact of the type Billing dep. and if that doesn’t exist, the the Owner/CEO will receive the email. Contacts of the type other only exist when we have at least a Owner/CEO contact.

In some cases, the regular contacts want to receive the invoice in copy. Same for the CEO. This is something we have not yet implemented.

So if this would be a feature request, then maybe it should not only have a “type of contact” but also an option to determine if a contact should receive an invoice email copy or not.


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