Changing the e-mail template

Hi :)!

When a user resets his/her password, the logo of Invoice Ninja is visible as well as the name of Invoice Ninja in the email signature. (Regards, The Invoice Ninja Team and © 2016 Invoice Ninja)
I don’t know if this is also the case with emailing invoices/reminders.

Editing the source-code or the language files seems a bit hacky since changes would be removed with updates.
Is there any way to change this to the logo and name of my own company?


We offer a white label license for our self host version which removes our branding from all client facing parts of the app.

You can completely remove our branding by joining our reseller program:

Otherwise our branding must remain within the app, please see our license for more details.

Ah, now I got it.
The white label removes the branding from all client facing parts of the app.
I have this license but I just didn’t notice clients couldn’t request passwords, I tried it with my admin email, hence the Invoice Ninja brand still showing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for clarifying that part :slight_smile:

If you enable client passwords they can receive reset emails, in our latest version we’ve removed our branding for white label users.

If you find any places were our branding is seen by clients we’ll of course work to remove it.


in reset password email for users and client you can see branding for white label, can it be removed, thanks

Our logo will appear in all user emails.

Are you using the latest version (4.2.2), I believe the logo should no longer be shown in client reset password emails.

yes and still showing for new users but it maybe work for clients only i will keep trying thanks