Changing status of invoice

Previously (v4) one could change the status (i.e Sent → Draft) of an invoice, I need to do something similar but it doesn’t look like an option anymore on the v5.

The goal here is to stop automated reminders from going out (moving forward) for this one invoice but that isn’t an option either. I don’t want to clone an invoice as it needs the same invoice number either.


v4 and v5 work the same way in this regard, there is a ‘Mark Sent’ invoice action which will change the status from draft to sent.

I want to do the opposite, it was sent already but I want to move it back to draft. The only action option is ‘Mark Paid’

Sorry, that isn’t currently supported. You would need to delete and recreate the invoice.

I’d like to request this option, even if it’s hidden somewhere…

Feel free to create an issue here: