Changing database

Dear Team,
Due to an issue on our website, we changed the database.
we still had the same creditials but the name of the database changed.
when we changed the database name in the .dev file, we got to the setup page and it is like a new install. we thought that that will just upadte things, but when we finished we had a new installation!
any help on how to keep the old site but just change to the new database!
we use a self-hosting plan
the latest version we think!

Not sure, if you’re seeing the setup page it means the app can’t find the database.

let’s say that the old database was myolddatabase.db
now we created a new one mynewdatabase.db
we imported the old database data in the new one.
in the .dev file we changed the name of the database to the new one.
could we have proceeded otherwise?
Thank u

I assume you mean .env file but yes, that should do it.

yes, the .env file :slight_smile:
we uploaded the data in the db then we changed the info in the .env file and we tried to access! (but we rememebered that we didn’t change the info, so we did:) things happens:) )! so could it have been the opposite, we change the info in the .env file, we upload and then we try to access!
thank you?

I’d suggest confirming that you can use the settings in the .env file to access the app’s database.

yes I can access…

Sorry, not sure…

In the past similar problems have been reported where users had multiple installs and were modifying the wrong file.