Changing column padding/sizing of $invoiceLineItems


I’ve found that the columns for the invoice line items ($invoiceLineItems) are too large, and I’d like to change the padding/size of them. How is this possible through the customizer (pdfmake)? Quanity is super huge, and I’d like to change that.

This video demonstrates adjusting the column widths:

Awesome! Thank you very much, I should have done some more research :slight_smile:


I’ve made some changes to column widths for invoices, but now client statements are using the same template. Do you know if the invoices and client statements can be controlled separately?

I’m not sure, the statement columns should already be defined separately.


I’ve changed the column width as described, there’s only one problem.
In some invoices I have no discount and in others I do. When there is no discount applied, the column does not appear on the invoice.
So sometimes I have 5 columns and sometimes 6.

If I set 6 widths in the design settings, the design for 5 columns comes out wrong.
And vice versa.

Is there a way to set a max width or to always show the discount columns even if it’s 0?


This isn’t currently supported but we’ll look into it…