Change the currency of the invoice?

Hi guys @david @hillel

I’m having some clients that will be invoiced in different currencies (Depending on which country we run their project for them) but I cannot find a way to change the currency from the default one?

I remember that in the past you could issue invoices and in the creation field choose which currency you wanted to invoice the customer in - but now it is not there the multicurrency option?

So how can we generate multicurrency invoices in lets say DKK, GBP, EUR for the same client?

Thanks a bunch in advance for your kind help.


You’d need to create separate client records for each currency.

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Thanks for your reply Hillel. :+1:

So how do you do that?

Lets say we have a company called “Super Software LTD” and you will charge them in EUR, USD and GBP.

Do you make a new client called Super Software LTD EUR, Super Software LTD USD, and Super Software LTD GBP and then have the same contact details in all three?

Yes, that’s correct.

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Seems a bit cumbersome, but workable I guess.

Why not just allow us to change the currency directly in the invoice? :thinking:

Maybe it is just me (?), but I think that seems easier/faster plus you retain all data in one customer record.

My 5 cents though. :smiley:

Ok just tested that and made a customer with the “company name LTD and EUR” and now that EUR part shows up on the invoice as part of the company name which of course isn’t a feasible solution.

Thoughts @hillel?

Thanks in advance.

The challenge is we keep a running balance for each client, supporting this with multiple currencies would be much more complicated.

You can create all clients with the same name and add the currency column to the client table to help tell them apart.

The invoice doesn’t list/tell which currency that is applied which could potentially confuse clients that is multicurrency.

But I think I found the solution for that:

Can you kindly me give a screen shot example if possible of what you mean?

Thanks again.

Well I remember in the past when you manually created an invoice (Well I’m pretty certain at least it was there :person_shrugging:) you could select which currency from there which was so easy and very convenient feature. Not sure why you guys removed it.

The columns button is in the lower right corner on the data table screens.

That isn’t correct, the app has never supported a single client having invoices which are different currencies. The currency field is stored on the clients table, it wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks for correcting me. :smile:

I appreciate your kind help, thank you! :+1: