Change text in invoice when past due

Hi guys,

I have currently an issue and didn’t really find a way to solve it.

Usually when we send out invoices there is a text which says “Rechnung” which basically means invoice in German.

Now what I want to do is, when the invoice gets into past due and gets to send out as a reminder I want it to change to “Mahnung” which basically means “warning or reminder” that’s how it is in Germany.

Now I didn’t really find an option to do that.

Any help would be appreciated!



@david any thoughts?


Can you advise where in the application you want this? If it is for emails, you can configure the reminder emails to have different text?

Its for the pdf files, meaning the text should change in the pdf file its a requirement by law to change the word “Rechnung” to “Mahnung” when the invoice gets past due and past due charges.

Just to confirm, you want the INVOICE text to change to MAHNUNG?

I was under the impression that the document could never be modified?

hi i found no work around… i`ve testet to set a custom pdf template for reminders, but i can`t found it… i think it is a good solution to extend the Settings > Invoice Template with Reminder Design

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Yes, correct “Invoice” needs to be changed to Mahnung. It is required by law to display the word “Mahnung” when the invoice is past due

One solution here is to create a custom Mahnung design.

Then switch the invoice to this design once it has become overdue.