Change starting number for invoice number sequence?

Finally got around to moving to Invoice Ninja from a manual platform (Excel and Word). I see lots of number pattern and increment settings under “Generated Numbers” but no way to simply change the starting number for each sequence. I have used invoice numbering for years, with different sequences for invoices and quotes, that are both currently at their own respective values. It’s extremely important that I keep this numbering intact for my clients. Is there really no way to change the starting number?


Welcome! On Settings > Generated Numbers you can change the “Number Counter” value to skip the counter ahead.

Thank you. That is a nice workaround, then I assume I can just the number counter value back?

Sorry, not sure I understand what you mean? You can increase the value to skip numbers, if you move the number back it may cause duplicates.

Doesn’t the “Number Counter” field change the value by which the number increases upon each increment event? Is that not the case?

The number counter is the next number which will be used. It’s automatically incremented each time a new record is created.