Change Several Invoice Labels

I’ve installed the self-hosted version on our web server and everything is working well. But I’d like to change the text field of a few items (like how you can change lables of item, description, unit cost, quantity). Specifically the following:

On the invoice page, I’d like to change label “Invoice #” to “Project Name.”

On the invoice listing page, after an invoice is marked as “paid” we’d like to change the button to say “Quickbooks.”

The reason is that we want to use InvoiceNinja as a billing tracker, then we’ll input data into Quickbooks for final billing. We already have email and payment portals setup in it, but using it for time-tracking is a nightmare and is expensive per user.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it. I’m familiar with more traditional PHP apps but not those using laravel, symfony etc.

Chris Blair

Never mind…found it. For benefits of others, it’s here: ninja/resources/lang/en/texts.php


I have faced some sync problem between invoiceninja and Quickbooks. I am using double entry bookkeeping by online bookkeeping software Zipbooks.

I was with Zipbooks but after a while, I just outsource my bookkeeping to it was the best decision I ever made. If you have to do your own accounting the best option I recommend is QuickBooks.