Change quote status?

I ran a test case that raises a question:

I emailed a quote and then approved it, so it has a status of ‘Approved’.
I added a line item to the same quote, assuming a client change request. I then re-sent the quote.

The quote is still in ‘Approved’ status, however, it isn’t the original quote. I don’t see a way to manually change the quote back to ‘Sent’, or to a different status such as ‘Changed’, ‘Required re-approval’, etc.
Is there a way built into the system to handle this scenario (which could be quite common for me). If not, my assumption is I would need to send a second invoice for the Change.


@david any thoughts?

Lots of ways to tackle this.

We could lock the quote after approval. And then offer an unlock option which would return the quote to sent with the terms / signatures wiped.

That would be the simplest means of doing it, without getting into the rabbit hole of tracking revisions and approvals.
That being said, I’m not sure what you mean by wiping the terms? I’m using default terms and they’ll vary little (if any) from quote-to-quote so I would probably desire to have the terms left unchanged, albeit editable.


There is an option to have the customer accept the terms and/or add a signature to the quote on acceptance.

If we modify the quote, we’d need to reset these two fields in order to allow the client to “re accept”

Ah - I see that now. Thanks


Do you think we should lock quotes after they have been accepted and then revert the status is the quote is modified? (ie anything that changes the balance?) and require it be reaccepted?

Not sure but I think that would be ok