Change quote Label

Hello. I’ve tried to change every quote label in Spanish by editing /lang/es_ES/texts.php but it produces no effect. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance


You can set custom labels in the app on Settings > Localization > Custom Labels.

Thank you. I have also done that and cleared the app cache and browser cache but labels keep showing the same as before. v5.3.29-C62

Which specific label are you referring to? Custom labels will affect the PDF and client portal.

Note: it looks like you’re using a much older version of the app, it may help to upgrade.

Thank you again. The hosting doesn’t meet the requirements for the new version (a PHP 8 extension is missing) I want to Change the word Quote everywhere if possible :slight_smile:

Changing the label in the admin portal would require rebuilding the app from source.

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