Change of dashboard interface

Hi, if anyone can help.
Logged in today and the interface is completely different to the previous times.
Everything seems to work - a few minor changes.
Is this normal?


Over the weekend we released our new v5 web app.

The old web app is still available at or you can download the desktop app OS tools - Invoice Ninja.

Thanks for the response.
I was confused, but I like the new style.

The only question, if you can help, is where do I find the info about whether the client has “read” the email??

Glad to hear it! @david @ben can you please advise?


In Settings > System logs we have the email events including delivery and “open” events. we are still working to finalize sections including this.

I’ll keep an eye open for that.

Finally, as I am new to this forum, I want to thank you guys for the help and the speedy response.
Have an amazing weekend,


I have a question regarding the new interface. My screen doesn’t show any details of clients on the quotation section (we only use your platform to generate costings for us). It’s like the page doesn’t get finished loading. I’ve tried clearing cache, re-loading, signing out and back in again and it’s the same.
Please advise.