Change MySQL Password (Softaculous Install)

Softaculous installed Invoice Ninja for me on a shared hosting provider, but now I want to change the MySQL password - what is the proper way to do this (keeping in mind that Softaculous apparently manages some of the installation still). Thanks!


Once you change the password in the database you’ll need to update it in the .env file and then either run php artisan optimize or load /update?secret= in the browser.

I just want to confirm - if I am on shared hosting and don’t want to have to continually run php artisan optimize and don’t want to cache the .env file, then the best course of action is to use /update?secret=<SECRET FROM .ENV FILE> - is that correct?

I believe back in 2021 your support team told me the above. Just want to make sure this is still accurate. Thanks.

You would only need to run php artisan optimize once after changing the .env file to update the cache.

Sorry - what I mean is I was advised previously NOT to run php artisan optimize on a shared hosting install of Invoice Ninja and instead to only use the /update?secret=

Is that still correct advice?

I believe you can use either method.