Change invoice line item after generate

Hi, is they any way we can change the invoice line item from phpMyadmin after an invoice has been created, and payment recorded?


You would need to use the API to update the invoice.

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Hi, LOCK_SENT_INVOICES=false to the .env not going to help anymore? to edit sent invoices

Sorry, I don’t understand your question

I wanted to edit paid invoices (just the line description). for this, I changed settings–>workflow–>lock invoices = off.
but this seems to not work. then I tried to add LOCK_SENT_INVOICES=false to the .env file. this also not working. it keep saying “Sent invoices are locked” is there any other way I can edit invoice line items without API to update the invoice?

Which specific version of the app are you using?


@david do you have any suggestions?

The lock invoices is not a .env variable,

It is found in Settings > Workflow Settings

cc @hillel

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I did try this but didn’t work. but after some time it works.
also once save the changes I don’t have to send an email to the customer again right if they click the view invoice button from the previous email they will get the latest invoice right?