Change Field Names

I wanted to know how I can change the name of “Invoice Date” and “Due Date”

I want to use to for a subscription and was to change it to Coverage Start Date & Coverage End Date


You can set custom labels on Settings > Localization > Custom Labels.

I tried that, on the PDF nothing changed.

Have you tried creating a new invoice?

Here’s a screen shot of the settings.

@david any thoughts?

Here is a screen shot of the invoice:
Screenshot 2022-07-25 151601

it says invoice data and due date, not start date and end date

You may need to customize ‘Invoice Date’ rather than ‘Date’ but I’d expect ‘Due Date’ to work.

So I don’t see Invoice date in the drop-down list. I only see Invoice & Invoice Terms.
I noticed that the client portal shows end date instead of due date, but only on the invoice list page. not the actual invoice pdfs.


Which invoice template? most likely the variables are incorrect ( there are a few variables which may show similar text )

We’re using the business Template.

I tried creating invoices using the other templates also got the same results.

i think the custom variable you want to use are


That Worked!!!
Thank you so much!!