Change Expense

how can you put an existing expense on paid? I only see archive or link it to an invoice. But most of the time the expense is linked to multiple invoices so I just want to set my expense to paid. When I create a new expense I can place this but not for an existing one.

It sounds like your user only has Create and View permissions for expenses, but not Edit. Check under Settings > User Management > Edit User (assuming you have administrative privileges).

Have you tried enabling the ‘Mark paid’ checkbox when editing the expense?

@TitanFail: I’m the only user so the owner of everything.
@Hillel Coren: I can only check “Mark Paid” when creating a new expense not when editing.

For you info I’m using self hosted ninja.

Do you want to post a screenshot of what you see when editing


The ‘Mark Paid’ checkbox isn’t shown because the expense has already been marked as paid

indeed. I unchecked Mark Billable and then it came to paid logged. nice to know. that is enough for me. For the rest it is a great system which i’m still testing and maybe want to go life with my customer next year when my yearbook starts again.