Change email from name

When a customer receives an invoice email in the email name it says the company name, I want to change that to something else. Can it be done?

In the example I want to change Facebook to something else.


In the current version of the app you’d need to change the company name.

We’re adding this as a feature in the next version of the app later in the year.

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Hi Hillel,

I tried your suggested workaround, but changing the company name effects multiple other places in the app that use the company name (Title of page in client portal for instance). Any idea when they may be implemented?

EDIT: oops this thread is tagged hosted, and i’m using selfhosted whitelabel… but i guess the question still applies, just not 100%

I suggest creating an issue to request the feature:

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Was this ever added?

I’m on V5.3.3 and want to do the same thing. I tried adjusting the “Reply To Name” under email settings emails received still reflect the company name.

I believe the name on Settings > Company Details is used.

So there is currently no way to have the From name in an email appear differently to that of the name under Company Details? Eg. Name: GasCo. Email From: GasCo Billing.

@david is this supported?