Change Client Address Field Labels?


I have been running V5.8.50-C157 and using it side by side with my existing invoicing software while I figure it out and test stability.

When creating a new client, the address fields appear:

Billing Street
Postal Code

Is it possible to change these labels? For example, change Apt/Suite to Suburb?

I have had a look in Settings > Localization > Custom Labels and selected Apt/Suite and entered Suburb but that does not seem to make any changes.

If also had a look in the /lang/en/texts.php file

But I wanted to ask here before I starting messing around too much.



You should be able to use a custom label.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please elaborate?

In Settings > Custom Fields > Clients

I can create single-line text fields but they do not relate to the address information?

I believe you need to use address2 as the string to customize.

Are you referring to modifying the texts.php file or Settings > Localization > Custom Labels ?

There is no address2 in Custom Labels?


When you add a custom label you can specify which field you’re customizing.


In custom labels, if I select Apt/Suite and add Suburb as the custom label and save… nothing happens. I tried the /update?secret=… etc.

Under Select Label, there is no address2.

Have you tried creating a new invoice?

Yes, several.

I created the custom labels a few days ago and have been creating invoices since.

It is the new client page where I am hoping to update the fields…

That isn’t supported, custom labels are only applied to client facing parts of the app.

Oh, that is a shame.

Well thanks for replying.