Can't view (generate) quote or invoice PDFs

As the title says, I’m unable to view quote or invoice PDFs all of a sudden. The error message says “403: Forbidden, Invalid token” Anyone else having similar issues?

Currently on v5.7.49-M125 - self-hosted in docker

invoice ninja error message


It may help to logout and then back in but this could also be a bug.

@david does v5.7.49 require a token to view invoices?

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I logged out and back in but unfortunately it didn’t solve the issue.

Edit: the PDF does generate on screen if “Show PDF Preview” is enabled in Device Settings, but I can’t save it or view it as it comes up with the above error.

Edit2: I can view the PDF in Safari but not in the Invoice Ninja app (macOS)


Yes that is right, I believe I was seeing the AP forward the API token, perhaps this was web only and not desktop/mobile?

Yup, that is correct

Do the desktop and mobile apps need updating to get rid of the error message? I will use the web apps in the meantime as a workaround.

If you update to the latest version of the web app it should fix the problem.

Yes, I’m using a Safari/Chrome web app in the meantime, until the native desktop & mobile apps are fixed.

Updating to v5.7.51 should fix this

Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to seeing the docker image soon.