Can't upgrade my plan?

I get the following error


This is the case whether I try to choose Credit Card or Paypal as a payment method.


@david do you have any suggestions?


Can you send us an email and we can investigate further.


  1. We are looking to have someone assist us with the current billing issue. (The bot based answering is of any use)
  2. We are trying to move to the 3-5 user annual when we attempt to move to the 3-5 plan it is charging us $234 even though we just paid for the annual $140 1-2 user plan 4/28/23
  3. Would there not be a price difference? when upgrading of $160


What do you mean by ‘The bot based answering’?

We recommend emailing for help with billing issues.

Basically I’m trying to get someone from invoicenija to assist with looking into our account issue of moving from 1 to 3 users to 3–5 users without having to pay $235 when we just paid $140 of the $260 annual

Understood, we can make sure you receive a credit. Please send an email and we’ll get it sorted.


Don’t mean to be a pain, but this is the screen presented to us when we select the 3-5 annual, it doesn’t recognize an existing account plan being upgraded.