Can't Update Clients in Flutter or React

After upgrading today, updating clients suddenly give this in React:

This error occurs now in Flutter:

422: Unprocessable Content • The given data was invalid. • The id number has already been taken.

I’m not using the ID Number field and never have.

Flutter: v5.8.36-C156


@david do you have any ideas?



Tried with Flutter v5.8.36-C156
tried to add phone-number for yet existing client/customer.
tried to add internal/private memo/note to another.
But works with vendors!

All of them with individually given unique IDs/numbers when migrating/copying them manually field by field from an external/former app a week or so ago. I often hit “save” in between when it was < 36-C156 with no issues.

best regards!
Marcel Naranjo


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We are seeing the same issue

This most likely means you have clients with the same id_numbers in the system. if you change (or remove) the id_number it should update

I’m having the same issue. I did try removing the id_number (Labeled as “Number” right under the name field) and I got the same error. I’m on a fresh build, just spun this up last night.

We do not use id_numbers. If i create a new customer Invoiceninja adds the next available number to that field but immediately after saving I cannot make changes to the new customer without getting the same error. I also get the same error if i remove the id_number. Thanks.

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I can confirm that when I reverted back to the older docker image “5.8.35”, the error doesn’t show up anymore. You can update clients. I was running into the same issue when trying to update clients.

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I’ve tagged a new release with a fix for this.

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Works now, after updating this morning.
thanks for the quick solution.
best regards!

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Thanks heaps @david - works here!

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