Cant set the transaction reference via the SDK

Hello team,
Im using the following method to add payments to the invoices trought the SDK: sdk-php/PaymentsTest.php at main · invoiceninja/sdk-php · GitHub
Somehow transaction_reference is not arriving, its allways null on IN side, any ideas?

Im using latest version of the SDK and IN version v5.3.85-C81

Regards and thank you for your awesome support!


It may help to update to the latest version of v5.

@david do you have any thoughts?


I cannot recreate this issue, I wrote a test for it here:

Ok will update and let you know thank you,

Oh now I see that you added the transaction reference outside of invoices array. But I can be sending several payments in there, and each has a different transaction reference. I will change it to send a request per payment and let you know.
Thank you!

OK, that works, thank you!