Cant select a default Tax rate when set to inclusive.

Having a problem selecting a default tax rate but only when the rate.

When the type is set to inclusive I cant select anything at all in the default tax rate selection dropdown.

When the type is set to exclusive I can select it in the dropdown but it doesn’t apply it to invoice line items by default.

When selecting tax rates for line items on when creating an invoice there is all sorts of weirdness going on. When selecting a line item tax rate with a type of inclusive, it calculates the tax and seem to work. If I change the tax rate or deselect it it doesn’t remember what the line item price was previously (not sure if its supposed to or not) This can lead to prices being further reduced by selecting the same inclusive tax rate again. Seems like a strange behaviour that could easily lead to mistakes on invoices.

One more thing. Once and invoice has been created and saved, either a draft or when its sent to the client, upon revisiting the invoice all the tax rates that were previously applied have disappeared. If an inclusive tax rate is selected again it, like in the issue above, just further reduces the line item price making it wrong.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

This looks like a bug, we’ll make sure it’s fixed in our next minor release.

You should be able to workaround it by making sure each inclusive tax rates has a matching exclusive tax rate with the same name and rate.