Can't remove documents


Installed Invoce Ninja 4.5.1.
After upload 3 documents in the Invoice Settings trying to delete 1 document, but it doesn’t delete.
When click on the ‘save’ button the deleted document shows up.

How can i remove an uploaded document?

(sorry for my poor english)


I made a video so is better understand the issue:
Attached documents

UPDATE: remove it from the MySQL database and remove the documents in the ‘storage’ folder.

If you see the problem again please check the browser console to see if you see the same error as seen here:

Hi Hillel Coren,

Thanks for the help.

Okay i follow up.
At the moment all works perfect after delete it manually in MySQL and in storage-folder.


I have the same problem here. Whenever I click the link to remove a document added in the invoice preset model, it seems to be removed but after saving page, the document is still there. Any way to fix the bug ? I used Tuxy’s solution, but there should have a much easier way to do it.