Can't purchase subscription in Login v5

I try to purchase a new subscription and this is what I get when I click onto purchase.


Are you trying to purchase a selfhost white label license?

The issue is tagged as hosted.

No I am and try to purchase a license and that is the error message I am receiving. We just done a migration from v4 to v5 and now can’t purchase the pro license.

@david do you have any ideas?

It looks like you are already on the pro plan?

Correct but it expired as you can see. It expired Nov 2021. So I do try to renew it with a monthly subscription. In the past I had used v4 but now we try to get everything migrated to v5 and even we saw a log via email of all data been moved we don’t see a single thing inside the web interface so we wanted to restore the license which may block data from been visible but that’s when thing went the wrong way.

Any ideas or suggestions on how we can fix it ?

Thank you


Ok somehow it solved itself and now I was able to purchase it.

Case closed for now.