Can't login as admin but as user - Error 500 - Staging Invoice Ninja

I used softaculous to staging my active installation of invoiceninja to be able to update my 5.3.10 to 5.3.22 in a test environment first. I can login as a “normal” user but not as a user with admin permission. (error 500)

I also tried to change the value of the “normal” to is_admin = 1 in the database table. After that this user can’t login either. What is the difference between a normal user and an admin which causes this issue.

The log shows: error MAC is invalid.

It sounds like you have overwritten the .env file which contains the APP_KEY - this is required to encrypt / decrypt data. if you have a backup of the .env you’ll want to rollback and use the correct .env

Spot on. I replaced the .env with the .env from the live installation and it works.