Can't find Invoice Ninja .env file, Android App setup confusion

I think I’m going mad.

I’ve set up Invoice Ninja and it works fine on my local Linux Mint machine but now I’m trying to get the Android app and my local machine talking.

I looked at the instructions here:

It states I need to edit a .env file but I simply cannot find that anywhere. I’ve gone into where invoiceninja is installed at /var/www/html/invoiceninja and I don’t see any .env file.

There also seems to be an invoice Ninja android app as well as a legacy one. Not sure which one I’m supposed to use to connect to a self hosted install.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Nautilus is probably set to not show hidden files. And since .env is technically a “dotfile”, it gets hidden from file managers by default. Ctrl+H should allow you to see them.

Then you’ll just need to add API_SECRET= to the .env and whatever you want that string to be. You’ll use that when you connect the self-hosted app.

As for which app to install, the non-legacy one will be your best bet.

Thanks Titanfall, it was indeed hidden.

Would be a handy tip to put on the readme for anyone who might struggle to realise that like me xD

I’ve set everything up, mobile app connected fine externally with my port forwarding and dynamic DNS.

I went ahead and purchased the whitelabel license, everything is great now.

Thanks a lot! Invoice Ninja all the way!

I think they made the assumption that most people are installing it on CLI-only systems (meaning far fewer resources required), and therefore have their preferred directory listing method showing all files. Also, editing the file with sudo [vim|nano|mcedit|whatever] </path/to/ninja>/.env will always pull up the file, hidden or not.