Can't add other payment methods except credit card in customer portal

Using Invoice Ninja v5.3.89 customers can only add credit card as payment method in customer portal. I use Stripe as payment gateway and enabled some other payment method (e.g. SEPA) too.

When there is an unpaid invoice for the customer, it works and he can pay with the other payment methods and save them for later use (customer portal → invoices → pay invoice → add payment method).

But he can’t add a new payment method, except credit card via customer portal → payment methods → add payment method.

Is that a bug or am I using it wrong?


@david can you please advise?


This sounds correct. You can only store credit cards and some types of bank transfers via the payment methods.

Some payment methods such as SEPA require mandate confirmations so the workflow is slightly different for this. The payment methods can still be saved, but only after a successful payment has been made.

Thank you for the clarification.