Can't access invoices, can't login to .co version

When I go to log in to Invoice Ninja the last month, I cannot access past invoices and I see on top of the screen that I get this error message:
This server has halted. Do not attempt to use this system. Log in here:

When I go to login at, and put in my email address and password, then I get this error message:
These credentials do not match our records

I cannot login and I cannot access my past invoices. What happened? What changed?

I have tried to click “Start Migration” to V5 and it tells me that I have already migrated. I can’t even tell what version I’m using anyway.

I also clicked “Enable Forwarding” under " Forward customers to V5" and nothing really happens from that.

If you’re going to ask me what version I’m using, then tell me where the heck I find that info. It is not listed anywhere I can see.


Sorry for the trouble!

Please send an email to and we’ll try to help.

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