Cannot view or restore Archived Payment gateway, please help.

Hi, i want to restore an archived payment gateway, i have read through the documents on how to do this and there seems to be no help.

There is no option to view any archived payment gateways so i cant even view them let alone restore them.

Could someone please help ? I just want to connect my Wepay account to Invoice Ninja and there is no way to do this. THanks

We don’t support restoring an archived payment gateway but you can re-add WePay using the same email address.

Hi, thanks for responding.

I cant seem to connect my current Wepay account with Invoice Ninja,
everytime i try to add the Wepay payment gateway it creates a new Wepay account, even with the same email.

Im having troubling re-adding my Wepay to invoice ninja.


After entering the info in Invoice Ninja you should be able to log in to WePay with your existing email.