Cannot upload logo on self hosted Invoice Ninja


I have installed Invoice ninja on my Synology DS412+ and so far it seesm to be working pretty well, execpt for one thing: I cannot upload logo to be added on the invoice

When adding the logo, the error i get is: The logo must be a file of type: jpeg, gif, png.
It was in in png format, tried to convert it to jpeg but i get the same result

Any hints ?
Could it be the size of the image ?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

I’m not sure, it could be a problem related to mime types. A workaround would be to temporarily comment out the following line in app/Http/Controllers/AccountController.php

‘logo’ => ‘sometimes|max:’ . MAX_LOGO_FILE_SIZE . ‘|mimes:jpeg,gif,png’,


thanks for the input, it actually got me a step further :slight_smile:

uncommenting that line gave another warning: php extension fileinfo must be enabled so i did that and enabled the other line and that was actually the problem.


Nice, thanks for letting us know!

Hello Steenrabol,
i’m looking information how to install Invoice Ninja onto Synology NAS. I saw your post and it will be cool if you can help me.
Hope you will see my request and guide me how to do it.