Cannot start recurring invoice today

I am trying to save a recurring invoice with todays date to email it today, but I keep getting error: “The next send date must be a date after yesterday.” (which implies today works)… I understand the DB might be calculating that off a different time zone so maybe it is correct… but sometimes I have a client on the phone and I would like to kick off an invoice series while I have them on the phone.


Do you see the same problem with both web apps?

Old -
New -

It is the same on both, I believe it is probably because the DB is running on UTC time, I just tried to make one, and it is just 12:39 am UTC, but 5:39pm local time. Localization> Time zone is set to US/Pacific which is UTC-7

@david can you please advise?

@SmplJohn looks like your timing has caught an edge case we have not yet handled.

I’ll work on this now. Until we have a robust solution for this, you can use the “Start” button instead and the invoice will send on the hour.