Cannot login after importing invoices

imported invoices, refreshed, ran optimize. spot checked a few. then shutdown VM made a backup. start VM backup and now I cannot login and get this error.

TimeoutException after 0:00:30.000000: Future not completed

It may help to set is_large to true in the companies table in the database.

it is, you already suggested that

when i am able to login, i get basically the same error message when importing any larger files. and when i refresh data from device settings.

where is this timeout setting at?

i have allotted 4 cores and 8Gb to the VM the process that is working during the login and updates and importing only uses 1 core and i see 25% for a while after this timeout message.

VM host is proxmox on a dell R710
24 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5680 @ 3.33GHz (2 Sockets) with 64gb/ram

ok, i changed the debug mode to true in the .env file. (and ran “optimize”)

then it let me log in it would start showing data then send me back to the login,
the first couple times the “last refreshed data” said 52 years ago.

i logged in a few times then it stayed logged in. i logged out, then i switched the debug back to false (and ran “optimize”). and it’s letting me log in and stays in.

after the imports i ran “optimize” and “ninja:check-data” and everything was reported good.

is there a URL i can run on the cli that will “refresh” the cache after imports?

i have a hunch the refreshing of the cache is not completing before the execute command times out.

and with some experimenting with archiving clients and invoices that are both OLD and PAID does seem to make the cache refresh much quicker.

one thing that might help with imports is an option to automatically archive inactive clients, and an option to archive PAID invoices beyond a certain age.

Can I import the payments to OLD invoices that are archived in invoice ninja? if that is no problem there is a bunch i can archive right away.

There is an option to limit how much data is loaded on Settings > User Details.