Cannot edit invoice

Hi…Facing an issue on mobile app…I had set workflow to lock invoice when it marked as sent…It’s works fine on web browser…But in mobile app when try to edit and save an invoice in draft stage it says invoice locked…I m attaching the screenshots…I have to turn off locking feature in workflow in order to save it from mobile app…Kindly advise .

I had updated app to latest version 5.1.42-A49…Still it’s not resolved


I’m not sure why you would only see this in the mobile app, the error looks like it’s coming from the server.

@david any ideas?

not sure, it may be useful to upgrade to the latest self host 5.1.74

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Hi David…I had updated self hosted to latest version still it same…

Not sure on this one. especially if it is working on the webapp, it may be helpful to see a full request that is causing this.