Cannot add "created by" column in Invoice table

Hi guys,
In Invoiceninja demo I found column “created by” which could be added into Invoice table.
Now I have tried on selfhosted instance version 5.7.6.

Do I overlook some settings , or is it not supported in selfhosted version ?

Thanks a lot in advance,



Are you using the Flutter or React app?

Thanks for reply hillel,
I am using React.

It’s possible the field needs to be added to the React app. cc @david @ben

In the mean time you may want to try the desktop app.

oh :frowning: thanks for clarification Hilel.

hilel is there any variable which can show up who created invoice ? Having $created_by might be helpful at least :slight_smile: .

I don’t see it included in the list of available variables.

nevermind , so far desktop app is sufficient and work like a charm !