cancelling invoices


we are working with invoice ninja in germany and the german laws are quite complicated :frowning:

First simetimes we need to write credit pdfs (this is working i Searched a lot for this feature until I find, that I have to add - before the prize :smiley: a litte bit hidden this feature xD )

The second thing is when we need to cancel an invoice we must write a cancelling invoices to the customer.
This invoice must have the same ID as the invoice and a text that reffers to the invoice that we want to cancel. The rest must look like the invoice with articles prizes …
Is there a way to generate a pdf with the text cancelling invoices(in german Stornorechnung) on top and a cancel id (german stornoid) ?


Sorry correction the canceling invoice must have a own id so copy invoice with the text is correct. It is like the credit but with other text instead of invoice canceling (german storno) for the fields.

ok sorry for the spamming I spoke with our tax consultant and a credit is ok it depends on the Tax office but its not totally clear (stupid law -,- )
So this feature does not seem to be needed Sorry,

Greetings Epytir

You can create a credit note by creating a negative invoice. You can optionally enable a separate credit counter on Settings > Invoice Settings.

In the next version of the app we plan to change this so that credits are more like invoices and quotes.

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Yes please go ahead an change this, for this is a critical, reoccurring problem in Germany. To cancel an invoice, you need to create a cancelling invoice with the negative amount but the same invoice id. NOT a new id. And we can’t just delete it. It’s the law. So InvoiceNinja needs a new feature “cancel invoice”. PLEASE GUYS go ahead and do it. It would be a great help. This feature should automatically create a cancelling invoice with the negative amount but the same invoice number, that can be sent to the customer. Everything else is difficult, because it creates a new invoice id. Thank you.

@Akademie are you sure that it must be the same ID ? I have the same problem in France, but to cancel an invoice I need to issue a new invoice and call it credit, it must follow the invoice counter sequence, and it must simply mention the original invoice number that it is cancelling, and have the same amount, except negative.

I would assume that European laws are vaguely similar?

…seems to be a bigger problem… All I can tell you is this. My other booking/invoice app from my other company is called Fastbill. They are German based, and that’s how they do it. They use the same ID for Strorno (cancellation) and add a Strono ID to it (maybe because there can be more than one), a procedure that can not be altered by me. I find them pretty expensive, and not everything works well, but I am using it all right. Only I can not intergrate Fastbill with Zapier, which is the reason I am using InvoiceNinja. Issuing a new invoice and following the counter sequence immediately, like you describe it, would be impossible for me, because in the meantime I may have issued twenty new invoices already following that counter sequence, before I may want to cancel an existing invoice from the past.

But I have found a workaround today. If you pull the invoice back into draft mode by clicking on the ID number, you can simply add the negative amount in a new line, which puts the total to zero and resend the invoice. The original ID remains the same. Now you can go ahead and create a new invoice… How about that?

The credit note linked to the cancelled invoice does not need to have the next number - it just needs to be the next available in the invoice counter, even if you issue 300 invoices in the meantime.

In v5 for invoiceninja the team have actually responded to my request and they made it possible to share a counter between invoices and credit notes. So to me it works perfectly.

It seems to me that your way (updating an invoice after it has been sent to change its total) is exactly what the law wants to prevent :sweat_smile:

…okay, I see… Can you please explain how it works? Thank you.

in v4 I don’t think you can share the counter between credit notes and invoices, but in v5 you can do so in the settings (settings → generated numbers → shared invoice / credit counter)

then to cancel an invoice, you just go to this invoice and choose “clone to other” → credit, it will prepare a credit note with the same items, you can just put the opposite amounts and enter a note with the original invoice number

…thank you for clarifying. But that seems to create a new invoice ID. I need to cancel with the same invoice ID…