Can This Integrate With Bank of America Merchant Account? USA

Hi, I want to get rid of my current processor as they take 3-5 days to deposit. I want to use our bank, but they have no way for me to send invoices.

Can Bank of America Merchant Account integrate with Invoice Ninja? I have no idea if they use First Data or not.

If anyone with a BofA account uses this, please let me know.


We use Omnipay to support our payment gateway integrations.

I haven’t found a driver for Bank of America.

Nevermind. Just read horrible reviews about BofA Merchant services with hidden fees up the kazoo and $500 cancellation fees and 1-2 hour wait on hold for support. No Thanks.

Now considering FattMerchant which uses Vantiv. Hopefully, that integrates.

Thanks for the reply.

I found a driver for Vantiv but it isn’t included in our hosted version.

You may be able to add it to a self-host install.

If you’d like help from a developer you can submit a request here:

Thanks for the info!