Can Save a New Client But Not an Invoice

My Ninja Invoice v5 server (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS / LEMP) can save a new client but not a new invoice.
When a user clicks new a invoice, & selects the CLIENT as soon as the mouse pointer moves to the next field the CLIENT selected disappears.

I also to tried selecting the saved CLIENT and then immediately hit the save button, however, the result was the same. . Why would the system be able to save a new client but not an invoice.

Note, no error message generated.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure what would explain that. What happens if you first select the client and then click create invoice from the client page?

Absolutely nothing. I selected the client & then clicked the CREATE button with INVOICE underlined above it nothing happens just dead clicks. Nothing opens, nothing closes.

Are you logged in as the account owner, if you’re a user maybe you don’t have permissions to create invoices?

I logged in with the only acct created. can the permission for the at acct be checked w/ a MySQL query?

If you’re the account owner you’ll have all permissions.

Are you using the latest version of the app? I believe in the latest version if you don’t have permissions the create button is hidden.

If it is the latest version do you see any error in the browser console when clicking create?

I reloaded the site and STYLE changed. Bizzare. However, this it allowed me to create an invoice but it would not allow me to add a rate. I added the task in tasks w/ and rate amt. I added the task in the invoice and the rate did not come up and I can not add hours.

this is the most frustrating app I have ever used SMH

It sounds like you may have changed from the Flutter app to the React app, if you want to post a screenshot I can confirm it for you. There’s an option to toggle between the two frontends on the dashboard.

Thanks, it looks like you’ve changed to the React frontend. Which app would you like help with?

Note: it looks like debug is enabled, we don’t recommend leaving it enabled if the app is on a public network.

Which app, dont care which ever one is easier to get working.
This not a production and is locked down by the FW to a single IP. MY ip.

If you change back to the Flutter app by clicking the icon at the top of the dashboard are you able to create invoices now?

Same issue w/ the Flutter app.

Do you mean when you click create nothing happens?

Which version of the app are you using?

I switched back to Flutter and the original issue persists

Where can I find the version

You can click the about icon in the lower left corner

The latest version is v5.5.71, I removed the screenshot because it has your email address

What is the best path to update to the latest ver?