Can not override the invoice number or change the client for an invoice.


  1. I created a new invoice and want to override it’s number (e.g.: now the counter is 3444) to a past counter (e.g.: 3422). Even if 3422 do not exist in the system (it was assigned to an invoice but deleted) I could not save the invoice as it says the number already exist but I don’t have any such number and active in the system.

  2. The second issue I do occur is I don’t find anywhere how to change the client from an invoice? I have invoice XXXX with Client A and want to change it to client B (of course I would not have this as a need if above point 1 would help me)…

Thank you, Ionut

  1. You would need to restore the deleted invoice, change the number to a value you won’t use (ie, 0001-DELETED) and then delete it again to make the invoice number available.

  2. You need to clone the invoice to set a new client.

thanks Hillel,
It worked.

Awesome, glad to gear it!

Or you could change all that directly in the database…

“Or you could change all that directly in the database…”

You could, yes. But that doesn’t mean that you should. If you don’t know what you’re doing, that runs a very high risk of breaking things. Whereas Hillel’s method doesn’t have that risk, and only takes a few extra seconds. For most users, that’s going to be the better option.

I won’t argue with that but for the persons with SQL skills that is an easy thing to do and in my opinion also cleaner